Central and South America consists of Honduras, Dominican Republic and Peru


Larry and Susan Campbell's work is with a small Spanish community in Sandy Bay, Roatan. There are few jobs available for people in Honduras. The needs are great for this community with the greatest need being to know and love Jesus. To focus our direction, we work from Son Rise Church and Mission Inn. At all times we hope that the light of Jesus shines in what we do. Our primary work is to ensure that students have what they need to go to school. Some of the students are able to attend private schools made possible by donations from sponsors. These students also receive assistance with homework and English language instruction from the small classroom in our house. Many children from the church receive financial support to assist in paying for uniforms and school supplies to attend public schools.


Larry’s work frequently involves mentoring young men who have not had the support of a father to show them how to handle tools and problem-solve. He has been involved in house-builds and renovations. Susan is involved with ministry work within the church including teaching women’s Bible studies, teen girls, and kids’ mid-week lessons. Our most rewarding opportunity has come with mentoring/supporting/feeding Juan through his final teenage years. We support families with various outreach ministries including the Food Ministry and providing Spanish language Bibles. It is our joy to witness our friends being baptised and married in obedience to God. In many ways it appears that God used our “building years” to prepare us for His work in our “finishing years”.



Julienne LeBrun


Julienne lives in Domincan Republic but works mainly in Haiti. She is seeking to bring Christ to the poor and dispossessed. Those who are inhospital, orphans with both the Gospel and practical help such as funds for medications, clothing, schooling and other needs as God provides.



Several years ago Denise Elliot of Chatham went to Peru and began a significant work with children in Tarma - a mountain village west of the capital Lima. She has returned to Canada but the work continues under the oversight of Oscar and Carina. This Peruvian couple work with the children in after school activities to improve their language skills, help with homework, social interaction and understanding the Gospel and teachings of Jesus. Many children have been encouraged in their work with Jesus as well as improved schooling and some school supplies in this poor area of the country. Their hope is in Christ and an improved education.


Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities

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