IATW has workers in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, India, Philippines, Singapore and South Korea.


Our newest missionaries are Joe and Veronica Martin, who are working in Cambodia. They are teaching at the Phom Penh Bible School there and supervising students in outreach to neighbouring countries such as Thailand. They have been missionaries for a long time in China, but did not work with any missions agency as they were employed there and earned enough to live. The Bible School is not able to give them enough money, so they will be mostly supported by friends and family at this time, as it will be supplementing income and not covering all their expenses.




Since 1983 we have partnered with Halleujah Israel and Village Evangelization of India. We have done various projects in India such as supporting national pastors, sent short term teachers to teach English at their secondary school, provided bicycles and some sheep for pastors, we built a fish farm in memory of board member and friend Rev. Jim Bechtel. Currently our main support is for orphans in their orphanage as well as help widows at Christmas through our Operation Christmas Gifts.



John Meaders is working with a local church in the Philippines and is developing a ministry to help orphans and abandoned children. He is also doing some teaching and evangelism with the church


Joe and Nadine Klinkenberg are a couple from Canada who have been working in South Korea for several years now. They had a "tentmaking" ministry where Nadine taught ESL while Joe worked with the local church.

Recently they have felt God challenging them to expand their ministry to reach out to the people in surrounding countries, where the light is still dim.  God finally directed them to the Philippines where Joe and Nadine wish to partner with the local church and help develop a strategy to evangelize the surrounding community.


Paul and Sandy White serve in Singapore with a ministry called Fountain Gate Ministries ( This interdenominational ministry teaches courses, conducts personal prayer counselling appointments and trains people for the inner healing ministry. Training opportunities are now increasing through connections with other SE Asia nations. 



From Abraham Emmanuel: “I was a born Hindu; all that my parents and siblings knew was to please the Hindu gods. A missionary near my house always kept preaching about Christ to us. And in 1955, my family and I accepted Christ as a Savior. However, I spent my young days being a nominal Christian. I did many jobs and spent my life in a manner which did not please God. My family prayed day after day for my true salvation. Just as the saying “man’s extremity God’s opportunity”, God touched me when I was nothing. I started to work in a Dutch mission named ‘The World Wide Mission Fellowship’. And in 1993, I started Nazarene Mission hoping to win souls one by one to Christ. Now my wife, my four children, and I been working for Christ for the past years winning souls for Christ.


The vision of Nazarene Mission is to reach out to the poorest of the poor in Sri Lanka; to preach the Gospel and bring souls to Christ. We are focused on people from tea and rubber plantations in the central province and southwest province; and people from the slum in Colombo. The head church in Colombo meets every Sunday for worship and during weekdays for bible studies, women’s prayers, and family build-up meetings. We have four branch churches out of Colombo working with the laborers in the tea and rubber plantations. Namely, Pastor Sureshan from Mount Vernon; Pastor Adaikan from Hillwood estate, Watawala; Pastor Alexander from Buttlegala estate, Dic oya; and Pastor Jesudhasan from Kaha watta, Rakuwana. All the Pastors and their families are working hard to bring the unbelievers to the light. And I financially support them every month to my ability. A Pastor named Benjamin from Kaluthura wants to join the mission. Keep him in prayers for God’s will for him.


We in Sri Lanka are facing problems because we worship the almighty God Jesus Christ. Now that the civil war has come to an end, the religious extremists are now attacking churches all around Sri Lanka. The government is not taking any action over this problem. We ask you to pray for the salvation of the religious extremists. And to all the Christian believers, churches, and leaders who are going through a hard time due to this conflict.”


Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities

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