IATW Missionaries

INTO ALL THE WORLD supports missionaries in North America and around the world. We have 17 approved Long Term missionaries from North America.


If you wish to donate to a missionary please use the donate page here.

Ministering in Canada

John Howard


Eldon Thompson


Bernie Smith


Bill and Barb Lewis


David and Christina Lewis



 International Missionaries


Paul and Ale Watson - Rwanda


Pat Kokura - Uganda


Susan and Larry Campbell - Honduras


Paul and Sandy White - Singapore - Newsletters


Joe and Veronica Martin - Cambodia


Leann Innocent - Haiti


       John Meaders, Phillippines


Nick and Cheryl DeKoning - Uganda


David and Agnes Mitchell - Scotland


Joe and Nadine Klinkenberg - Philippines


National Partners


Hallelujah Israel - India


Abraham Emmanuel - Sri Lanka


Bitrus & Monica Audu - Nigeria


Karina and Oscar - Peru


Short Term Missionaries

We have sent various people and groups of people overseas for short term mission work.


We have numerous opportunities in numerous countries … Where would you like to go? What are your skills, abilities and training? There’s a good chance we can find a place of service for those who know Christ and want to make Him known.

National Workers

In 1984 we began working with national ministers in Kenya and now we are supporting numerous workers in Kenya, Zanzibar, Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Sri Lanka and India.


These workers are all trained in preaching and church planting and go to remote and difficult areas of their countries to bring the good news of God's love and His Kingdom. Often times they are crossing culture and language barriers.


Depending on circumstances, a national worker receives between $30 and $100 a month.  From time to time we also bring national workers to Canada for consultations and visits to our Canadian churches.

Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities

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