Short-Term Missions

If God is calling you to a certain country or group of people, we will talk with you about helping you get there. 


Short term trips are available to various parts of the world. You can join a "prayer journey" to difficult to reach people - countries that are not "open". We also have "tailor-made" opportunities for university students, both graduate and undergraduate.

We can help you get your church involved in missions in various ways, such as mini-moments of missions, banquets, seminars, research etc. You could also sponsor a child!

Countries IATW Serves

Belize        Benin            Dominican      Cameroon      Chad
Ethiopia     Kenya           Maldives         Nigeria
Pakistan     Philippines     Peru              South Africa   Sri Lanka

Thailand     Togo             Uganda         Zanzibar

Short Term Workers


Tailor-Made Opportunities:  Do you have a skill, a country of interest, or a people of interest? As a mission enabling agency we will work with you to get a short-term experience to meet your call.

Team:  We will work with your pastor/leaders to develop a short term mission experience - working with youth, Vacation Bible School, an orphanage, etc.

Visioning Trips:  From time to time we take visioning trips of about 2 weeks for individuals to see the work being done. Cost is about $4000.00 depending on the country being visited.

Prayer Walks:  We will help organize and lead prayer walks to needy areas of the earth.

Finishers:  Finished your first career? We will help you apply your life skills to overseas opportunities in various countries.

Teaching Opportunities: In various countries — schools, Bible schools and T.E.S.L.



  • camp ministry
  • children's workers
  • evangelism
  • pioneering new works


  • school teachers
  • E.S.L. teachers
  • computer teachers
  • technical teachers


  • medical teams
  • teaching "barefoot doctors"
  • veterinarians


  • business and missions
  • Micro-enterprise developers
  • pastoral administration trainers


  • water resource engineers
  • entrepreneurial business consultants
  • social workers


  • video work
  • media


  • church administrators
  • computer specialists
  • mechanics
  • repair personnel


  • lectures for Bible Schools
  • leadership training courses
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities

FINANCIAL POLICY: All gifts are tax deductible. Into All The World is audited annually by an independent public accounting firm, and our audited financial statement is available upon request. Each gift will be used as designated with up to 12% to be used for administering the gifts if needed.   Spending of funds is confined to board approved programs and projects.  Each restricted contribution designated towards a board approved fund, program or project will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a fund, program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such fund, program or project will be used as determined by the board.