I Want To Go!

There are opportunities for everyone to be involved. You can make a SIGNIFICANT contribution. Contact us and we'll be glad to talk to you about involvement in one of several ways.


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Go to Long-Term Missions

Preparing For Missions

You Can Be Involved in Missions

If God is calling you to a certain country or group of people, we will talk with you about helping you get there. It usually takes quite a bit of preparation but we will seek to help you. Now's the time to start.

PRAYER is a vital part of finishing the great commission and we will provide you with materials to help you in praying for missions. From time to time we make "prayer journeys" to various parts of the world.

Short term Mission trips are available to various parts of the world. You can join a "prayer journey" to difficult to reach people - countries that are not "open". We also have "tailor-made" opportunities for university students, both graduate and undergraduate.

We can help you get your church involved in missions in various ways, such as mini-moments of missions, banquets, seminars, research etc. You could also sponsor a child!

We have support opportunities for nationals in various countries, protein projects, water projects, orphanages, etc.  Before committing to Long-Term Missions its advisable to go on a vision trip to the country you believe you are called.  We can set that up for you!

Perhaps you would like to be a fund raiser in your part of the country.

Don't Just Sit There....Go!

There is a place for you to be involved. Most of us want to do something "SIGNIFICANT" — contact us and see how you have a part to play. It can be significant.

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God can touch the world through people like you. If you feel that God is calling you to go and you are ready to get involved now, GREAT!


If you need to talk about the call God has on your life then please contact us and we can discuss the call God has on your life.

Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities
Member of Canadian Council of Christian Charities

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