INTO ALL THE WORLD - Putting You Where God Wants You!

If you are a Christian you are called to missions...the question is how are you called? You are called to either give, pray or go!


GIVE: Into All The World is a registered Canadian charity. We follow the guidelines set out by the Canadian Revenue Authority to help enable our donors with tax receipts. We also endeavour to ensure that your gift goes to the nation or project God has put into your heart.


PRAY: Prayer is the greatest mystery of Christian life. God does not need our help in anything, but He allows us to help through prayer and supplication. A prayer warrior is a warrior of the utmost importance in God's kingdom. IATW has resources to help you pray for various ministries. You can subscribe to our monthly prayer bulletins to have recent news of what God is doing all over the world.


GO: At IATW we can connect you with the project or the country you believe is on your heart!  God is looking for workers and we want to help you begin your life in the mission field, be it short-term or as a life-long career on the ground with those who are lost, hurting and marginalized. 


If you want a IATW representative to contact you, no pressure, just  a conversation with someone who has 'been there' and knows it's definately a calling, and a life well served. 


Call the office at  (226) 706-1701 or email:


Into All The World

5256 Victoria Ave.

Niagara Falls, Ontario L2E 4E7